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Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research Announces Strong Response to Research Call

Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research (QASR) is pleased to announce the successful closure of the competition for the call for qualified research proposals.  The committee has finalized its first round of reviews of all proposals, and the qualified ones shall be shortlisted for an extensive review as part of the second and final round.  The finalists shall be entitled to receive funding from a grant pool totaling US$525,000.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of QASR, Prof. Eklaif Al-Tarawneh, out of 63 submissions received from over 200 researchers from across various Jordanian, Palestinian, and Arab universities, 20 projects were qualified for the final stage of review.  Dr. Al-Tarawneh highlighted that all projects were carefully reviewed as part of a process characterized by transparency and academic integrity.  The review was led by a team of distinguished faculty members from across Britain, Australia and the United States.  After the final review round, the selected projects shall be eligible for direct financial support of up to US$280,000 in the field of stem cell research and genetic engineering, US$210,000 in the fields of water-food-energy research, and US$35,000 in the fields of economic applications, humanitarian research and social sciences.

Mr. Omar M. Masri, member of the Board of Directors of QASR, said that it is a great honor for the Munib R. Masri Development Foundation to be part of this impactful effort and to be the main sponsor of the Academy and its programs. Mr. Masri also expressed his appreciation for the critical and beneficial role being played by the University of Jordan and Al-Quds University in sponsoring and nurturing young researchers.  He stressed that these researchers’ contribution is essential for scientific research and the achievement of social and economic development in Jordan, Palestine, and the Arab world generally.

Noteworthy is that Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research (QASR) is a non-profit venture between the University of Jordan in Amman, Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, and the Munib R. Masri Development Foundation that seeks to support and develop scientific research and collaboration between Jordanian and Palestinian higher education institutions in an effort to foster innovation and empower young researchers across the region.

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