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Vision, Mission & Objectives


Our vision is to be the leading platform that empower innovators and entrepreneurs to change the future for a better World.


Our Mission is to Promote and Develop applied research , innovation and entrepreneurship culture, education, training and practice by providing all the means and resources needed to build successful startups and spin-offs that leverage Arab World competitiveness and economic development.

Strategic Objectives:

1. Restructured the economic development in the region by promoting applied scientific research,  innovation and entrepreneurship.

2. Providing the necessary support services (funding, professional training and networking) to support researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs in Palestine, Jordan, and throughout the Arab world.

3.Developing new and sustainable research, innovation, science and technology programs,  tools and platforms that complement the innovation ecosystem in MENA and the world.

4.Building a collaboration and partnership programs and networks between national & international research, innovation and education institutions with industry and the private sector.

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